D. it is written

I can’t get over slumdog millionaire. It was such a kick to watch, not because it was a fuzzy-wuzzy feel good movie (and I am admittedly a person who digs all the fuzzy wuzzy feel good movies).

basta ang satisfying niya. every aspect was thought-out and filled to the brim: the plot (well it was based on a novel pala, so kaya solid yung narrative), the setting/details/images (mumbai, bombay, india: parang pilipinas! call centers, crimes, the crazy reliance on game show messiahs, and all the yellow and warmth and first world-third world dichotomy), the dialogues, the characters, the music, the foreshadowing details in their childhood, the consistent yellow in latika’s outfits… ang ganda lang. 🙂 nag enjoy talaga ako. Hindi talaga ako expert maggawa ng film critic (or any critique for that matter), and maybe I was watching it with a weird naive eye, but take my word that it was nice. I really liked it. 🙂 and just when you thought it was a hollywood movie, biglang may bollywood-style dance sa dulo! haha. at sumayaw silang lahat. astig!

siguro timing lang na rags-to-riches (sort of)/ inevitability of divine will story ang parang welcome note ko para sa new year. 🙂

and kapag napanuod niyo na, baka maisip niyo rin yung naisip ko, na may scenes na biglang maiisip mo na kamukha ni Dev Patel si Lawrence (BACA 06). haha! ikatutuwa rin ito ni Kaloy aka Bumbay Edward Cullen. yey. 🙂

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