vespa again… minimal progress on thesis.


so this is: a vintage vespa shirt (which I was using as a windbreaker/overjacket when I found it in second year), my uniform: shorts; Julia black ballet flats, wooden cuff from Mildred.

Ploning wasn’t as dragging as they’ve said it was… I did like the plot and the script. and the cinematography’s amazing. Cuyon is beautiful.

I’m thinking of abandoning my personal blog altogether. I’m starting to feel like it’s too much, trying to please everyone too much with two blogs. isn’t specialization an appreciated skill? plus blogging about MY life is not that exciting (not that taking photos of my outfits is that exciting either) but maybe i could focus on, i don’t know, essays or commentaries, like Ranie and other people do. maybe it would be a better help to the world. 😀

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