last photoblock for november ♥

nothing special this week, except for the debate society’s orientation (we decided to have a “party” theme and I wore a long dress). so that was really it, heehee. relied on belts, necklaces and a bloated tummy to finish off my look all week.. whatev. winner of the week was the rainbow umbrella skirt i first wore to my high school dance. unfortunately, i was so busy last tuesday so I did not get to take a photo of it. 😦

people in this block (aside from the usual pigout piks with ranie): parl dressed to the nines! then my goddaughter val and current parl haute femme anna mae; kat (in a bright blue shirtdress from landmark); julian in a surprisingly interesting white polo. then, note andy in the rightmost bottom. she’s a junior in our course, and i’m sure i’ll be posting more piks of her (and other fasyon commarts majors) because she always looks so pretty. when andy’s depressed kasi, she cheers herself up by buying new dresses. and aren’t we all like that! 😀

and right now, i’m pooped. i did not get rest all weekend. but i got my pinapangarap dresses (cue materialistic gushing here) and i will be wearing one on wednesday because it’s a very special day… ♥♫Ü


^ this one i am saving for the christmas parties. and maybe for my creative shot @ the yearbook shoot. ;p

my goal was to sloooowly start threading my way into cyberspace (i.e. go comment-crazy on the popular blogs) to get some leverage for this “project” and hope for the best – – but for some reason I’m still too chicken and dyahe to do that. so glaringly aware that i hardly spend money on the stuff i wear. that’s really the whole point of this blog, but you know, if i’m not too careful, it’s really easy to feel so little and so disopportunified(?!) compared to other people who live unlimited-credit lives… insecurity bout kicking in? maybe I’d be more confident when I’ve filled up this blog some more. hmm, hmm. anyway, there are sooooo many things I really have to focusing my mind on anyway. like my thesis. yesss! so there.

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