photoshop fail for Dior

(from fashionoligie) this is Marion Cotillard (ok you don’t care haha) posing with a handbag for lady Dior. Dangerous and edgy look my eye, she doesn’t seem to be standing on anything but it seems that her light grasp on the rail is the only thing keeping her up there. so her shoes resemble the Eiffel tower’s gridles et al, and then?

Juergen Teller still does it right with his point and shoot piks for Marc Jacobs 🙂 (but editorials by Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott will still be the best for me).

Dahil marunong na akong gumamit ng Google Reader, wala na akong ginagawa ngayon kundi magpakasasa sa mga favorite blog sites ko. At mag-obsess kung gaano ka pretty si Natalia Vodianova at kung gaano ka suwerte ang buhay niya. real life cinderella. who cares about obama? kidding!!!

Thank goodness we’re going back to school next week (but in fairness, I can justify by claiming that being in the know on the industry is one of the prime ways to get my asa-ka-pa editorial/stylist job). Haha. Meanwhile, when I’m here in front of the computer, the dreaming possibilities are endless. xp

dream, dream, dream. 🙂

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