class enlistment + an old project

I went to UP Los Banos yesterday to enlist one more subject (DevCom 30 aka Intro to Broadcasting) and – drumroll! – my last three units for my thesis! Banzai! Spent most of the day waiting and waiting (we need to be interviewed by our college secretary before we can get 21 units for reg) and hanging out with some batchmates (like rey, up there). I also got my grades for all my subjects, and they’re actually OK, although they aren’t like Ranie’s with his 1.25’s and 1.75’s galore. haha. I’m finally having french11 next semester! C’est Ici!

^ So that was what I was wearing (medyo simple) – my brother’s shirt (which ahlee and I have stolen because it doesn’t fit him anymore), one of the beads from divi, vintage pants (I think they were supposed to be guy’s pants, but I love them because they’re lean and long and not dark), a patent red bag I’ve had since high school, and the yellow sandals I bought off divi. I was wearing a scarf (SM) too, but I took it off when it got a little warm.

I went book hunting too and I now have Celestine Hitiura Vaite’s Breadfruit. She’s a Tahitian author. I got Frangipani for my mom last March because I wanted to give mama a book for her birthday, and Frangipani‘s blurb said it was a mother-daughter story. It was, and my mom and I enjoyed reading it. Vaite writes like an old woman (she is an old woman!). Her novels were funny and warm. The two novels are stories of a woman’s strength and wisdom. Tahitian island life sounds a loooooot like Philippine rural life – with coconuts and relatives all living next to each other and cooking and relationships and lots and lots of looove. (And, the covers are so pretty). ♥♥♥

^ …Something I did with some scraps of silk from the El Laberinto De La Verdad capes: a messy ratty macrame collar. It’s actually dark green and violet and blue. One way to spruce up the tank tops.

I thought it made me look like a cross between a HomeEc project and a parol. But it’s interesting in its own way… let’s see if I get to take this out soon. 🙂

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