back to school+early xmas shopping at divisoria

Yesterday was Ahlee’s 2nd time, and it was my umpteenth, thanks to productions (Ilaya’s my place to be when I drag out yards and yards of fabric for costumes), and my perennial bargain hunting bug. Mama was feeling a little generous (it’s happening a lot more often these days) and she was on retreat too, so it was bonding time for me and my sister.

We headed to 168 first and we got the usual things: shirts and pants for Ahlee, and only new shoes for me (bright yellow gladiators. I could not resist. kill me, because you know these shoes are going to become dead and gone by january. I’ll snap them when I wear them). A resilient realization: I didn’t want anything new. straaaanngge! I was really planning to look for a bag, but there wasn’t anything I really liked: all I saw were patent knock offs of Marc Jacobs or Chanel or D&G, which i’d never touch of course. There were canvas ones, and some other shiny colorful bags that were quite ok too (like the lip and heart shaped ones we saw, which I couldn’t snap a pik of because the tindera was hawking) but they were too small; I was looking for a bag just big enough to slide the laptop into. So now I’m hoping Ranie will really get me that canvas bag from iriga when he shops for pasalubong LOL.

Divisoria is ♥ for entrepreneurs and major gift givers because everything comes cheaper especially when in bulk, and when I say everything, it’s really everything – from clothes to toys to raw materials to Christmas trees (this season). But inside 168 it’s really more like a tiangge with koreans overflowing… for the Divisoria-goers who are a little more sosyal (or unfamiliar with Divi like my sister, that’s why I opted to take her there).

We did venture out outside the real divisoria for a bit, though, and we went to this stall where the tindera was really cheerful and her wooden beads were so colorful and so LOOONG (exactly what I’ve been looking for!) and so varied and soooo cheap. for 300php, I got about 20+ different necklaces to give away to our aunts and cousins. I had such a good time picking out stuff. I think she gets her supplies in cebu. It amazes me that these 20php/3for50php necklaces get sold for between 150-350php at malls, galleries, or whatever specialty shops. I hope our relatives love them as much as we did. ♥

I’m returning to LB tomorrow to enlist my subjects and my thesis! I hope it’s not rainy so I can wear something short. 😀


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