prognosis for next sem: black white and gray (again)

To the background beat of the jackhammer destroying the sidewalk in front of our gate I tried out some things I’m planning to wear to school (it’s actually my last semester in laid-back UPLB! oh lordy, I’m getting all mushy just thinking about it these days). technically it’s A/W season now, but in Manila it’s simply “-ber” season and it means that Christmas is near and that Hangin Amihan (north wind) is blowing in all the way from Russia. for Pinoys, it usually means jackets. For me, it means light scarves and light layering. xp My housemate Camille and I rue being in the tropics during this season. People in snow countries get to pile on coats and wear tights and wool and they look so so so chic. I’d toast to death and look crazy if I attempt to do that here.

The grey vest was a thrift find, the black skirt is my aunt’s. The white shirt I’m wearing the black skirt with is also bought secondhand. The floral dress I’m wearing with another skirt and the vest is actually empire cut and from Pinoy brand YRYS, it’s my friend Inna’s gift for my 18th birthday. The newest thing in this whole set is the wide black garter belt. I saw a belt exactly like this at Details and some other shops, but I actually bought mine at a tiangge for 150php. I’m actually waaay late on getting this belt, everyone already has belts like these (just like the venetian-blind stronger shades inspired by Kanye West?). It fortified my conviction that most local retailers here in ‘Pines just buy supplies from China or wherever and then put a higher price tag on them, on the justification that the customer pays a premium for the label now attached/sewn on to them. That’s totally demented and tokenistic. Labels are placed on things to indicate that they are uniquely manufactured or created and that there’s something distinct and special about their design, etc. (for example, LV and the other labels) Super guilty of this thing I’m describing: Bench and Human (for their accessories and shoes). Pay attention to their shoes and shades. they look exactly like the stuff in 168 and St. Francis and they cost 5x higher. There’s no difference, really.

Anyway, let’s see if I can actually pull this belt, and the rest of the outfit, off. I get the outfit planned but it usually happens that as I get dressed in the apartment, I start having a gut feeling that I’m going to be too overdressed – it must be the air in elbi – so I end up just throwing on a tank top and my favorite shorts. In more ways it’s really a blessing that elbi’s so laidback. Even in your blah days, no one cares, really. And no one gives a mighty hoot if you’re wearing a scarf or a dress too. 😀 freedom at its best.

So in any case I realized that until I get to work somewhere without a strict dress code, or go out more often, my sentimentality in clothes wouldn’t have proper realization, unless I blog about them. 😀

No brand gush for now, this is a first post. 😀 I’m sure I wouldn’t help but gush about branded new thing from time to time – that’s where everything starts, anyway – but as much as possible I’d like to keep the posts realistic (how many 20 year olds in RP would go shopping every week, really? hello?) and very pinoy and very what I really am at the end of the day – mishmash and devilmaycare where I get it. 😀 so there!

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