will blog about piggy things because I am in a very very fine mood today – finally, after several days of dark spirits (i know i shouldn’t kid, but i do feel quite insane sometimes). I don’t know. I had a headache when I woke up and my whole body was aching all over, but I just felt great. resilient.

I live for nice steady afternoons like these. I’m thankful to Him for today. His blessings could also come in the passive form of being able to enjoy just being be, like this, this happy illusion that i do not have to worry about anything for the moment, that everything is taken care of. vacation and staying in at home does such things. wah. define cocoon-ing to the hilt. x-p for once i’m not sick of the bedroom, because, hello, i melted to death all summer long in elbi (but at least it was a sweet meltdown *wink wink*)… and I missed a nice real bed (as opposed to the bunk in our apartment) where I could really sleep in.

pictures top to bottom: our hotter than a sauna bedroom (well I did miss it); the camellias looking great after all that rain; tacos today, because the garcias take merienda seriously.

One more thing: I think I look relatively prettier when I have a cold. Or maybe it’s just because having colds usually coincides with cold weather so my skin isn’t acting up. or maybe it’s because of all the nose pinching i do when i stuff my face with tissues, so it makes my nose redder and the blood vessels on my face circulate = i look healthy. haha, whatever. I’m also ngongo. i love it.

AND – prolly my one and only outing for summer 2008 and it isn’t even at the beach! I didn’t even get a tan line. ;p i don’t worry about my bilbil too much for now because my flat tummy deadline is 25 ans – so i still have five years to work on it. LOL

more pictures here.

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