hang on to that vapor of a thought

I’ve forgotten what exactly it is that I was wanting to say, only that, I’m experiencing a weird case of drawn-out (think days already) of deja vu. Everything I’m reading – from Michael Chabon (care of Aguinaldo) to blog posts by random people i knew in high school (arguably still my favorite prose fodder haha)… well as I was saying before all the parentheses, everything I’m reading right now strikes a similarity to things i’ve been feeling and pondering about – ya know, my existential issues, my career nightmares, and (yes, i’m seriously brooding about it) my questions about religion (not faith). I think I do need a real person to talk to already, i’m thinking inside my own head and my own world too much. Exuberant as I am usually regarded, I’m really shy and insecure of my own ideas.

i’m thinking if this is happening because my own thought balloons are so pale and wispy that when i feed my brain with solid and opaque letters, i feed on it, and grow from there.

– – – my bones are strong, but they’re not meant to hold up a rigid spine, they’re meant to support the softness and the warmth and the comfort of flesh.

PLUG!!!! Vote for CAROL LEUS on Pinoy Idol.

Carol was an original emerald dorm girl before she transferred to that green university in taft. again that kid is good – Champion on PopStar (Dubai) and Star in Carillion (UPLB). again, really, She’s good, and i believe she would really deserve to win! but we’ve seen that nerves really do have a tendency to get to her. loads of fun to be around. wah. i miss the dorm all over again!


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