how do you say happy birthday in bicolano?

to the person who’s seen more of my tapiloks, untogs, sinoks, space out moments, bad decisions, and every crazy thing that happens to my sablay existence than he can handle –
who i can never hate even if he laughs at me and does not hesitate to confirm that i am gaining weight (the nerve).

who likes going to high places and can (arguably) sing and dance, but undoubtedly has a killer brain.

he’s STILL (and by default) my closest friend, and someone who, in the course of our conversations, makes me feel equally smart and dumb at intervals.

because he teaches me what’s important.
and he knows what makes me feel better.

because we gun for the unbearable lightness of being
but we also aim to be millionaires before we’re thirty.

i’m rooting for you to make that dream thing come true.

happy birthday. Ü


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