no, this is not a post about Philippine politics (if you want that read DjB or MLQIII).

It’s just that my batchmate Keshia wrote this, and I think it verifies my sort-of theory that The Batch (BA Communication Arts 05 uplb) is one living entity. Everything sort of happens to Everyone. or maybe it’s because since we all chose Comm Arts it means we all have similar personalities or brains that’s why our thoughts or actions and their consequences always look alike. Haha. Or maybe we just spend so much time with each other. Wan, ewan. Anyway, it’s eerie, the way most of us can REALLY get what each other is saying, going through, feeling, whatever. Or maybe we’re all just really darn perceptive! Ewan. there goes my theory down the drain. This intro paragraph is turd really, anyway bottom line: i couldn’t agree more with her.

sometimes the person meant for you comes in a quiet way. no great music from somewhere. no erratic heartbeats. but there was just something inside your heart that’s making you feel so high whenever he was around…^.^

But speaking of Philippine society, there’s a looonng thread at the Parliament’s Y! Group right now. My (newly graduated!) ninong Carlos posted this highly lamentative article written by an engineer who felt that the media glorification regarding the bar exam passers is overkill, because he feels that engineers and scientists bring more veritable benefits to the country, but their birth (ie acquisition of license) is not celebrated by much press coverage. Carlos by the way holds a degree in Chemical Engineering. And as expected who else would react to this post but Job, an alumni, who of course, is taking up Law at Ateneo. And then of course there had to be replies from me and Ate Joy, who are both involved in media-directed courses. wala lang, galing. 🙂

Congratulations to the new graduates from UPLB!!! 🙂 
Dormmates, orgmates, classmates, ates, kuyas, idols, future business contacts. kudos. Seeing that sea of black is overwhelming. :,)

I think I had a really great time today. 🙂 I can’t fall asleep. I have cramps and too many thoughts in my head. Ngayon lang ulit nagkaactivity ang utak ko kasi, kaya overdrive. 😀

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