Rizal goes Happy Feet

along with a portable media player, a new computer, and the upcoming Diliman-hosted debate competition in Tarlac, here is another reason for me to give up spontaneous ukay and bazaar and everything-else purchases (yes i was never a shopper-shopper, it’s always been circumstancial, and darn magastos-because-the-bargains-accumulate kind of thing):

there was never a tagalog translation of the title.

Finally considered a world classic. 🙂 the translation is by Harold Augenbraum and Jessica Hagedorn writes the back cover blurb (from Amazon).

I’m excited because Penguin books always look, smell, and feel good, and the Penguin edition surely makes our National hero’s revolution-inspiring novel very sosyal-looking. Haha, ok, that’s my very mababaw view of the edition’s implications. Otherwise, it’s happy news, i heard the Augenbraum guy did a really nice translation, so let’s hope this, finally, really opens the international doors for pinoy lit.

but i really can’t get over noli being penguin-bound. i remember gradeschool days when all the books i borrowed from the library were those with the gold medals on the cover (newberry) or those with the puffin or penguin on the spine. I always had a thing for books that looked nice, the story itself always seemed better when the pages looked better. I don’t know, haha.

it takes rizal, and our country, more than a hundred years. but the world is young, and humans haven’t evolved much since history first got written on the caves in france… more, more, more to be seen, to be done, to be read, to be written, to be eaten, to be worn, to witness, to feel, to happen.

2 thoughts on “Rizal goes Happy Feet

  1. At least the book looks way cleaner. Either that, or I’ve just seen one too many dilapidated copies (different versions pa ‘yun a)back in high school.


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